Pieces of Yesterday

by Sugardown

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When it came time to record his new album, 'Pieces of Yesterday' by Sugardown, Brooklyn-based filmmaker and Paper Swan co-founder Jason Zucker had the idea to feature different singers on each song. Perhaps he had grown tired of his own singing voice, or perhaps he just wanted to showcase the incredible voices of some of his friends. Either way, he is quite happy he made the decision.

Jason says, "What is it that makes this project so special to me? Easy... the people involved. I got to collaborate with incredible artists and musicians, all of whom also happen to be my best friends. Over the years I have learned so much from them, and that is why I wanted nothing more than to have them contribute to this project. I didn't want it to be about just me and my guitar, and I'm so happy I made that decision."

The album features 5 songs, each with a different vocalist: Jason sings on "Hand in Hand," Drew Citron on "Fade Away," Travis Stewart on "Into the Woods," Greg Cahn on "Booze," and Bailey Rayne on "Trucker."

Drew is a part of the band AVAN LAVA, Travis and Bailey are two-thirds of Free Advice, and Greg is in the band Mind the Gap.

The album art was drawn by the incredibly talented Vianney Paul. The front and back cover design was done by Lauren Elizabeth Thompson. The album text was handwritten by Bailey Rayne.



released September 14, 2012


all rights reserved



Sugardown Brooklyn, New York

Sugardown is Jason Zucker on acoustic guitar and vocals, Julian Cassia on electric guitar and vocals, Travis Stewart on bass guitar and vocals, and Tim Rachbach on drums.

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Track Name: Hand in Hand
all damn day i sit and bum around doing nothing
i think hey why don't i call you up, see what you're doing today
you say hello i'm just walking around doing nothing but thinking
why don't you come my way so your thinking can become talking to me

you say okay and that you are on your way
i better get, i better get ready to play with you today

you buzz up to my apartment and i let you in
and with a great big hug and your french pug you say
what a wonderful day today
so we get on our bikes and we ride around taking pictures together
now this day won't ever go away and that's okay with me


the sun's going down, there's people all around
the streets are getting loud, won't you listen to the sound
as the people play, as the people dance and sing together
hand in hand
Track Name: Fade Away
fireworks light up the night sky
they are the stars of the show
but then you look and they are gone
where oh where did the fireworks go?
they fade away

all of my friends are coming over
singing and dancing as the bands play
but when i awake in the morning
all of my friends have gone away
they've gone away

somebody keeps me from sleeping
so sometimes i go onto the roof
looking at all the houses standing there
will they will they ever fall down
as time fades away
Track Name: Into the Woods
why did she go? she left me all alone
out there on her own so far away from home

welcome to the hole inside of my heart
i should've seen it coming from the start
the moment's there and then the moment's gone
and all that's left is a dumb and stupid song

won't you free from the guilt that's inside of my heart
i can't start here

down down down to the hole in the ground
and around and around until the flame burns out
now i'm broken, left for dead
with only what is here inside my twisted head

guilty is the soul that's inside of my heart, i can't start here
in my twisted head, inside my head
Track Name: Booze
hello darling, i hear you calling
but i don't feel your heart
now i'm thinking, my head is sinking
who do you think you are?

booze, booze, booze, who chooses who?
did you choose me or did i choose you?
you got me crying every night
oh booze, booze, booze

i'm a dreamer, you're a healer
you give me god's good grace
i know you prayed that i would say that
you're so demanding sometimes

chorus x2

booze, booze, booze, who chooses who?
did you choose me or did i choose you?
Track Name: Trucker
i’m just a person living on the road
taking my time, taking it slow
alone on the highway, just me and my haul
dreaming of places away from it all

feel free to wave hi as you’re passing me by
maybe i’ll honk my horn if the moment is right

they call me the trucker, that’s the name that I’ve earned
i ain’t got no lover, awaiting my return
i guess i’m just like a feather just blowin’ in the wind
tryin’ to get to the place i’ve been travelin’


sometimes it’s the night
when it feels like the day’s just begun
sometimes I think of all the roads that I’ve driven on

i’ve seen the mountains, i've been to the north
crossed over kansas, on my way to new york
i do believe there are things
that you and i will never see, never be, never be

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